Barca dominate in Leverkusen

Champions League is back. After a long winter break, the CL has finally returned. The first game of this first round was in Leverkusen, a German city, where Barcelona played against the host Bayer Leverkusen. The Germans thought that they have a chance against the current champions because of the problems Guardiola’s men had over the weekend in La Liga, but they were wrong. Barcelona completely dominated the game, having close to 80% of possession. Bayer Leverkusen parked the bus, but they still lost because they couldn’t contain Barca. Alexis Sanchez scored two goals, with Messi adding one.

Gerard Pique wasn’t on the squad list for this game. Although many speculated that he had a row with the manager, Guardiola denied those claims by stating that the deliberately rested Pique because he needs him for the next game in La Liga (and Mascherano is suspended, so he couldn’t afford to lose Pique as well).

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